• Stephanie Tupper

    Stephanie Tupper


    Stephanie’s path to yoga began with Andrea Chute of Lower Sackville Yoga. It was a practice that introduced calm and peace in the midst of stress and chaos: young kids, family demands and a husband who often travelled for work.

    After years in the customer service/administrative field, Stephanie found her calling after she took her yoga teacher training: by opening up her very own studio with her husband, Andre.

    She’s excited to create a place where people of all walks of life can come together in community. Her hope is to build a playful, accepting yoga space just like she found in Lower Sackville back in 2014.

    • RYT200 hour certified yoga teacher (Christine Felstead, Breathe Yoga + Wellness)

    • Mentorship with Breathe Yoga + Wellness YTT director Margot Stokreef (with focus on accessibility)

    • Yoga for Seniors (Monica Cordes)

    • Yoga for All (Dianne Bondy & Amber Karnes)

    • Prenatal (Danielle Denwood)

  • Andre Sa

    Andre Sa


    Andre thought yoga was only for skinny, fit, flexible people. The thought of walking into a yoga studio was too intimidating-the judgement of not having the same body type he saw in the media or owning the right clothing made him stay away.

    Fast forward to 2018 where he found himself taking a workshop called Yoga for Stiff Men (a gift from his wife Stephanie. He felt obliged to go).

    It was almost immediate. His physically demanding job in construction drywall often left him with back pain and muscle cramps. The benefits of yoga helped him relieve the aches in addition to the work stress and demands of day to day life. He found himself less angry, with more body awareness and the sense of community that he had been missing.

    “This journey has made me understand that yoga is for everyone, not just limber, fit people. I want to break through the misconceptions and introduce yoga to Lower Sackville, especially to local people in the construction industry. If you feel intimidated by yoga, I’ve been there. Let me show you what it can do to change your life.”

    • 200 hour certified yoga teacher (Breathe Yoga + Wellness Centre)

    • Specialization in yoga for construction, beginners

  • Holly Foster

    Holly Foster


    Yoga has been part of Holly's daily life for more than a decade. From her first practice, she was immediately drawn to its mind-body connection, the sense of calm and focus that comes from moving and breathing while grounded in the present moment.  

    While living in the vibrant city of Shanghai, China, Holly studied the traditions of Hatha and Iyengar yoga and began her journey as a teacher. Always a student first, her additional training includes Restorative and Yin yoga, yoga for cancer, therapeutic applications of yoga, as well as extensive study in mindfulness and meditation.

    Holly is passionate about sharing the healing power of yoga and meditation. Her classes will encourage you to practice with the curiosity of a beginner’s mind, to explore your inner landscape while aligning the external body, to move mindfully with a deep connection to the breath, and to find your own true expression of each pose and each moment.

    • E-RYT200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

    Instagram: @canjfish

  • Hannah Brown

    Hannah Brown


    Hannah Brown graduated Breathe Yoga’s 300 hour Teacher Training in 2017. Since then she has collected certifications in yin yoga, trauma informed yoga + vinyasa for all, as well as reiki levels 1 + 2. Hannah shares this practice outside of yoga studios, teaching in Toronto schools + to adults with intellectual disabilities. 

    Hannah's classes are designed carefully, filled with plenty of options to make the practice feel good in your body, to allow the practice to serve you. Hannah loves yoga, + is grateful every day to be sharing this practice with others.

    Instagram: @hannahbrownyoga

  • Simone North

    Simone North


    Simone completed her first yoga teacher training in 2011 and has been offering a creative, body-positive and trauma informed approach to yoga since that time. She believes in the strength of the individual and their families and strives to bring her passion for yoga and mindfulness to her students. Her teaching philosophy is inspired by the holistic magic of movement- incorporating aspects of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health into the practice in a way that is accessible to all bodies and all levels of experience. Simone's classes are a chance to show up for yourself in any way that you please, and to use self care as a means to overthrow a system that is created to restrict who we are.

  • Ashwini Ramachandra

    Ashwini Ramachandra


    Ashwini is a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor based in Halifax. She was introduced to yoga when she was 7 years old, but she's immersed herself into the world of yoga since 2017. She is an alumni of Breathe Yoga + Wellness Centre, Toronto. For her, yoga is a way of life and there is space for all. Her classes encourage safety, acceptance and honouring the body in the present moment.

  • Suz Lill

    Suz Lill

    Suz Lill is certified in multiple styles of yoga (ashtanga/vinyasa, yin, restorative, iRest trauma sensitive yoga nidra). From this multifaceted perspective she teaches with the primary intention to facilitate your optimal well-being. Her journey as a yoga teacher and practitioner is ongoing and spans over two decades of dedicated exploration.

    Services are currently offered in a variety of virtual settings: website, studios, private, group, workshop, day retreats. You will find offerings where Suz is solo practitioner, or in co-creative collaboration with others.

    Her teaching is driven by an endless fascination with nature. Retired from the medical field, her approach is informed by an extensive career as teacher, examiner and manual medicine therapist (both neurofunctional acupuncture and registered massage therapy).

    Suz describes her mission, personally and as a teacher, is to support ways we can experience optimal embodied harmony and wellness embedded in daily life. Join her in this multidimensional discovery.