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Suz Lill

Suz Lill

Rest in peace, beautiful soul. Suz Lill passed away July 1st, 2023.

"Layers of morning bird song calling in first light. Imagine the grand chorus echoing across the land.. can we hear the sounds of beauty.. can we touch the web of love that is timeless. Can we ease into spaces without borders to knowing no fear. A door between us, breathe..."

-Suz Lill

Suz Lill is certified in multiple styles of yoga (ashtanga/vinyasa, yin, restorative, iRest trauma sensitive yoga nidra). From this multifaceted perspective she teaches with the primary intention to facilitate your optimal well-being. Her journey as a yoga teacher and practitioner is ongoing and spans over two decades of dedicated exploration.

Services are currently offered in a variety of virtual settings: website, studios, private, group, workshop, day retreats. You will find offerings where Suz is solo practitioner, or in co-creative collaboration with others.

Her teaching is driven by an endless fascination with nature. Retired from the medical field, her approach is informed by an extensive career as teacher, examiner and manual medicine therapist (both neurofunctional acupuncture and registered massage therapy).

Suz describes her mission, personally and as a teacher, is to support ways we can experience optimal embodied harmony and wellness embedded in daily life. Join her in this multidimensional discovery.

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