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Andre Sa


Andre Sa

Andre thought yoga was only for skinny, fit, flexible people. The thought of walking into a yoga studio was too intimidating-the judgement of not having the same body type he saw in the media or owning the right clothing made him stay away.

Fast forward to 2018 where he found himself taking a workshop called Yoga for Stiff Men (a gift from his wife Stephanie. He felt obliged to go).

It was almost immediate. His physically demanding job in construction drywall often left him with back pain and muscle cramps. The benefits of yoga helped him relieve the aches in addition to the work stress and demands of day to day life. He found himself less angry, with more body awareness and the sense of community that he had been missing.

“This journey has made me understand that yoga is for everyone, not just limber, fit people. I want to break through the misconceptions and introduce yoga to Lower Sackville, especially to local people in the construction industry. If you feel intimidated by yoga, I’ve been there. Let me show you what it can do to change your life.”

  • 200 hour certified yoga teacher (Breathe Yoga + Wellness Centre)

  • Specialization in yoga for construction, beginners

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