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Chameleon Yoga is committed to being an inclusive and accessible place where all bodies are honoured and welcomed, regardless of age, ability, size, or gender. We passionately believe in compassion and kindness, and that anyone can practice yoga. We are committed to providing a safe space to move and breathe. 

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

local + family-run

We are a family with many generations here in Nova Scotia. In all our travels, we always come home to the salty sea breeze coming off the Atlantic. Nowhere else can you expect to share storm chips, enjoy kitchen parties or feel the support of your fellow Bluenosers.

Class Descriptions


    BIPOC family (Black, Indigenous + People of Colour), welcome to a class made just for you.

    The time is now to connect to our community and ourselves as we move, process, and rest together.

    Class will begin with grounding techniques, some slow and gentle movement, an opportunity to rid our bodies of tension and restorative poses to have us ready the world ahead.

    Will be available in-studio.

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    Beginner Flow

    Start the journey to a healthier, happier you. Here we introduce the basics, progressing at a gentle pace with enough time for demonstration. Feel supported by your teacher and fellow students as you learn about breath, movement and alignment. This no-pressure class is also wonderful for seasoned students looking to fine-tune their yoga practice. All levels of stiffness or flexibility welcome!

    Beginner-friendly, all levels.

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    Chair Yoga

    Feel stronger and more energized in this class that is completely customized for each student. Build flexibility, balance and range of motion while calming the mind. Our class can be done seated or standing. All levels of mobility and stamina are welcome. Beginner-friendly, all levels.

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    Flow and Reflect

    Unwind your body and mind with a slow, mellow flow, exploring mindful movement and breath to release tension and create space, then settle into stillness and reflection with restorative poses and guided meditation. A healing balm for mind, body, and spirit.

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    Gentle Flow

    Loosen up the body and melt away tension in both body and mind. This class includes gentle, dynamic movement in all directions, as well as resting or passive restorative poses. Together we will focus on mindful breath as we slow down and take time for ourselves. We top this off with a guided meditation to ease the mind and restore your spirit. Beginner-friendly, all-levels.

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    Healing Hatha

    Hatha is very chameleon-like in nature - it can change to suit any need. This is an accessible practice for all levels and abilities, balancing movement and stillness, effort and ease, fostering strength, flexibility and balance in a mindful way.

  • LGBTQ2+

    At Chameleon Yoga, we hold a safe space. Come and explore an LGBTQ+ specific class that incorporates gentle flow movement finishing with restorative postures. Together, we will cultivate a sense of body empowerment.

    Allies welcome.

    Will be available in-studio.

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    Mindful Pilates

    This class will offer targeted exercises to help you find your own strength and power as well as increased mobility. Your powerhouse (‘core’) will get stronger and your legs and arms will feel a renewed sense of support. While developing support in the physical body we will also be nourishing our inner beings, by honouring what we need for each particular moment. Emphasis will be on how we can access breath, sustain bodily support, and improve coordination and balance. This class will weave foundational Pilates and strength based exercises with the Classical Pilates repertoire.

    All are welcome. There will be some weight on hands and knees. Recommended props are a chair, blankets, and weights.

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    Move Well

    A mindful strength class. Learn about our individual anatomy and practice movements that promote and sustain healthy, active lifestyles at any age.

    Expect a supportive and adaptable practice where students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, take up space, and explore.

    With the support of a chair, this class is accessible to all levels and abilities. With a mixture of yoga, resistance training and mobility, this class can be adapted to meet you wherever you're at!

    Suggested Props:
    Bring two blocks (or books), a small blanket, and a chair. We will occasionally use resistance bands, small hand weights, and other props to offer optional progressions.

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    Refresh combines joyous therapeutic yoga and thriving ecstatic movement. A perfect combination of rest + the stirring of energy in our bodies to find release and chill. An opportunity to create space and power. Your nervous system will thank you for it.

  • Restorative

    Hello relaxation and calm, goodbye stress and fatigue. This gentle class will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Through the use of props, we will enter into poses (seated and lying down) that help calm the mind and nervous system while releasing tension from the body.

    Suitable for all levels (beginner-friendly).

    Will be available in-studio.

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    Slow to Flow

    We will work from the inside out. Starting with yin postures, we will hold gentle stretches for 2-4 minutes, allowing the body to release some tension while finding our natural breath. Yin yoga invites introspection, an awareness of how we are feeling in this moment, giving ourselves time to find the subtle aspects of each pose. Our yin practice is gentle, slow and steady. We will then move to the more active portion of the class, finding a slightly more engaged breath, flowing through postures in time with the breath, building a little bit of heat in the body. We try to keep that same internal awareness that we found in the beginning of class. We end the class with a calming savasana, allowing the effects of both more passive and active practices soak into the body. The best of both worlds!

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    Yoga for All

    Ready to celebrate you?

    This body-positive class will have you moving to the rhythm of empowerment and self-love.

    Each class is carefully structured with bigger bodies in mind. Together we will practice breathing, stretching, strength work and end with some self-massage.


  • Yoga for Men

    Yoga offers men real tools for coping with daily stresses and demands through an accessible yoga class taught from a man's point of view. Maintain flexibility and help with, or prevent, injuries while you increase strength and balance. This class for men, taught by men focuses on gradually developing flexibility for the inflexible, as well as increasing strength and balance.


    Will be available in-studio.




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Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

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