Andre's Karma class was filled with calm, cool and collected elements.

Through the mindful slow flow sequence, he promoted the body and mind stillness. 

He guided us to focus on breathing throughout the practice. I enjoyed the creative tree pose instructions and the closing story. At the end of the class, I felt a lot calmer and relaxed. It's something that we can all benefit from during the time like this with full of uncertainty.


Andre makes you feel welcome, calm, and safe. As someone who has back pain, his class really helped me loosen up and relax. I would highly recommend Andre to anyone who is looking for a fun, no-pressure environment that has you inspired to come back for more.


An instructor who makes you feel calm, confident and relaxed. Great pacing and accessible poses. Lots of time for exploration, mindful breath work and soothing movements. I felt so light and cared for. If you want to slow down and turn really turn inward, this is the class for you. I felt so grounded, open and also stronger after this dynamic session. I'll be back for more classes with Stephanie!


Andre's yoga class was both incredibly calming and uplifting. There was a noticeable energy shift as he guided the class and several people raved about how wonderfully at ease they felt by the end. Andre has a very welcoming, and beautifully light-hearted energy that comes through in his instruction.


I attended Andre’s karma class and it was impressive to see Andre’s ability to make everybody comfortable and easy like all levels were accepted, his welcoming energy and gentle but effective and straightforward cueing made the class feel like it was over in a heartbeat. I enjoyed especially the mix of physical and relaxation aspects of it, the sequencing was dynamic and it made me wonder what was coming next, would definitely experience it again!


"I left Andres class feeling happy and centred. He gently guides you through a calm heat building flow, grounding you with inspiring words throughout the practice. A great teacher for new and experienced yogis alike. :) "